Sunday, 10 October 2010

Busy schedule gives me a sense of life

As if the title of this entry, I am really busy in the recent weeks.
Laboratory reports, mid-term exams, props team conference, etc.
Tones of work in a long to-do-list are waiting for me to complete.

Yes, these really make me exhausted.
However, I gradually get the feeling of satisfaction after finishing these duties. It eased my fear of having plenty of works at the same time and I started to enjoy this kind of cycle.

Well, I think the busy schedule just gives me a sense of life.
I am alive.
I am still living in this planet, in this world.

And idleness will make one even more exhausted and frustrated.

I have found that what I did in the last summer vacation were totally a waste of time...
Yes, may be it's really tired if I started having a part-time job just after my final examination, but I should have one once I was recovered.
I shouldn't fear of tiredness, or I should say, I should not be such lazy...
Or may be it was due to my fear of failure in searching a job and working in the society.
However, I undertand I shouldn't take these as the excuses.

Hope this attitude will stay forever...
so that I will have enough enthusiasm and motivation to complete all the jobs ORZ.

That's all for today.
(Haha, a normal daily complaint has turned to a little self-reflection~)

P.S. yea, I will update those entries in the past two weeks... when I have time...... (escape)

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