Sunday, 6 March 2011

Where's "Yassen" ?

"It will be released sometime after the final Alex Rider novel Scorpia Rising.
It will release in 2012."

As if the movie of The Hobbits, the publishing date of Yassen was postponed.
Well, the bugs of Yassen/Alex start bitting me again, but I still have to wait for a long time until the book is being put onto the shelves. (sigh)
Actually, Alex is not going to get involved directly this time as the book is going to talk about how Yassen became an assassin.
It still interests me a lot because my love to Yassen is much greater than that to Alex~~~
And there are something MOE between Yassen and John Rider to me~~~(HEY)

When I first read the Alex Rider, I thought Yassen was just a big peanut in the series and he would not appear again after he died in Eagle Strike.
However, I was wrong. He seems to have lots of stories and mysteries to tell even after his death.
I can't wait to read the book OMG

One year to go......

P.S. BTW, is Alex going to die in the end of Scorpia Rising?
"One character who has been in all eight previous books will die. The ending is fairly shocking. And when you get to the end you will be in no doubt at all that this is THE LAST ALEX RIDER BOOK EVER."
I don't have a good feeling about this.....

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