Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Confirmed cast for the Lord and my beloved King of the elves

The Hobbit: Part 1 (2012)

The Hobbit: Part 2 (2013)

Finally, Hugo Weaving is coming back as Lord Elrond and......
Lee Pace is going to be my beloved Thranduil!!!!!

Well, actually I know nothing about Lee Pace and I just check his details on imdb.
Mm...... not bad. (but not very good for me indeed)
I thought they would find someone who has a "sharp" face with broad jaw like Orlando since Thranduil is Greenleaf's ada.

Hope everything will be alright and there will be a gorgious Thranduil on the sreen...
We'll see.

P.S. The release date of Part 1 will be on 19 DEC, so it means that I have to watch it in Finland?
(if the movie is released on the same day all over the World)

P.P.S. 是咪我睇得太多HOMO32,何解我見到Lee Pace嘅時候會諗起陳鍵鋒……(小姐請自重)

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