Friday, 24 June 2011

First day entering the Research Lab

One word to summarize my first day in the research lab: EXHAUSTING.

Standing beside the bench for at least 7 hours broke my legs and the huge influex of information nearly blew up my brain.
I was so tired that I got into bed at 9 that night. (normally I sleep at 3 in the morning)
Actually I thought I would have slept on sofa right after going back home if my mum didn't throw me into the bath... (My mum: DON'T touch anything at home if you return from the biology lab!)

I had written more than 6 pages of notes during the day. There were so many rules and instructions to memorize, especially for the tubes and pipetmant tips.
Our lab has 3 sets of tools for different purpose: general bench use, tissue culture and RNA research. All of us need to choose the correct set of tools carefully, otherwise the objects studied may be contamination and we have to do all the steps again.
Tissue culture (TC) requires the highest level of contaminant-free condition. All steps have to be doen inside the biological safety cabinet and everything must be sterilized before putting into the cabinet. Therefore, what we saw the most on that morning is spraying ethanol, spraying ethanol and spraying ethanol.

Apart from cell culture, Ivy had also introduced several bioassays to Jason and me. We now focus on Western blot first and then move on to the Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
Well, although I am not a Hon-Proj student, I still have homework to do as Ivy asked me to read the papers about these bioassays before returning to the lab next monday.

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