Sunday, 5 February 2012

My goals for the Year of Dragon in Finland

Oops, I forgot to post it here on the my "birthday", the 7th Day of Lunar New Year. (DOH)

﹣ My goals for the Year of Dragon *in Finland* ﹣
(Actually, I just copied it from my Facebook status~)

1. Survive in the winter (no life, no talk)
2. Diet (old friend. that's my goal every year)
3. Go to bed before 11 every night (feeling sleepy all the time and my skin condition is getting poorer and poorer TAT)
4. Get a 1 in one of my courses (collecting grades as if collecting stamps XD)
5. Improve my spoken English and revise for my written English (my English seems to get even worse in these 4 months = =|||)
6. Complete my previous blog entries (it seems there are more than 10 essays waiting for me to finish............)
7. Finish FF TYPE-0 (otherwise, no time to play it after I return HK = =)
8. Pick up cycling skills of going uphill, downhill and turning (hope I won't crash into a tree and break my legs anymore)

So, that's all? (lucky number 8 XD)

——Once a Rosian, always a Rosian: Be a well-educated young lady.


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