Saturday, 17 March 2012

Kind of a masochist

Wondering if I am a masochist.

Exchange study should be kind of relaxing, enjoying my life and appreciating the beauty of a foreign country, but not registering courses that make you work on assignments until 2am then wake up again at 6am for more than a week.

--- Here is a small reminder for my assignment deadlines ---
22/3 SMBS506 Experiment 1 (UV/VIS Spectrophotometry) report
23/3 XEN0028 Movie Analysis essay
26/3 SMBS506 Experiment 2 (CD-spectroscopy) report
29/3 SMBS506 Experiment 3 (Steady-state fluorescence) report
29/3 Suomi 2 Project Presentation
03/4 SMBS506 Experiment 4 (Time-resolved fluorescence) report
05/4 SMBS506 Experiment 5 (SEC-HPLC) report
16/4 E-learning English module check-date

Actually, I have to finish everything before 31/4 since I am going to Crezh during Easter and have my suomi listening examination on 10/4 :)

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