Saturday, 9 June 2012


Nusnäs in Sweden, Nils Olsson and Grannas Olsson workshops


(Desucon Live:
之後還有Tallinn、Åland、Naantali之行,以及千千萬萬個Gathering、Farewell party……


P.S. 夏天已經到了,不需要再互相取暖。是吧?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Recent life

Recent life = Diablo III + PCR Lab Course

Daily routine = Wake up at 0630 every day → work on PCR, wait for result, wait for gel electrophoresis → go back home & play Diablo III → sleep at 0200

I thought I was going to faint in the lab on Tuesday's morning since I have just picked up my D3 disc on Monday and I played overnight until 0430. (doh)
Actually, I am not a big fans of D3, but it's somehow addictive. (evilsmirk)

Monday, 30 April 2012

29-Day Europe Trip

(UP) Hong Kong dinner with Cain in Cambridge, World Book Night in Oxford
(DOWN) Baker Street tube station in London, Palais des Nations in Geneva

Yup, I am now on a trip again, 29-Day Europe Trip (for Bankruptcy).


I stay in Riga because of the transit flight from Oslo to Turku.
After the Easter trip to Praha, I fell in love with transit flights which provide me enough time to go around the city for sightseeing without my heavy luggages :D

Actually, it should be 28-day, but I will arrive in Turku at 2030. There is no bus nor train going from Turku back to jkl after 2000, so I have to spend one night in Turku.
Well, I can use the time for visiting the Turku castle, where I didn't go during my new year trip in January :)

By the way, it's really interesting that people are very surprised whenever I say I come from Finland and they always reply "So you know how to speak Finnish? Is it really difficult?" with their sparkling eyes (evilsmirk)

And I have just found that a good, clean bathroom is of great importance to me. I love the hotel in Oxford and Geneva. The bright bathroom is excellent!!!

Better go to sleep now since I have to take an early train to Interlaken. See you and keep in touch through twitter XD

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Back to jkl from Czech for the white Easter

(UP) Praha & Frenštát pod Radhoštěm in Czech; (Down) München in Germany

Safe and wonderful trip in München and Czech Republic.
Thank you Iren and Katerina for their warm welcome in Praha and Frenštát!!!

I arrived in JKL at 0530 this morning and it was -9'C!
I thought I was going to die on the way back from train station to Kortepohja.
That's why my friends in Finland were saying "it's even colder than Christmas!!!" on FB during my trip in Czech.

Well, it's still a good Easter.
Although there are many work waiting for me to finish, everything is fine and I survive :)

Enjoy the white Easter.
Hyvää Pääsiäistä!!!

P.S. What a healing and inspiring chat after getting frustrated with my europe trip preparation. Good to be friend with you, sometimes :)

Saturday, 31 March 2012

4 hours left before my Easter trip in Crezh

I am still doing my laboratory reports, but there are only 4 hours left before my Easter trip in Crezh starts.

Jolly and I are going to take the flight from Helsinki to Praha through München early tomorrow morning (which means tonight, cos it takes 4 hours from JKL to Vantaa).
We will stay in Praha for 3 days and we will meet Katerina (my crezh friend last semester) in her university city Olomouc afterwards.
Then, we are going to spend the last 2 days in her home in Frenstat.
That's all for our Easter trip.

I am coming back on 7/4 and probably arrive in JKL in the morning on 8/4.
So, see you all next sunday.
(Hopefully keep in touch through Twitter XD)

Hyvää pääsiäistä!